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Oil Paintings: Mandala Series

This is an ongoing series of oil paintings on canvas, incorporating the motif of the mandala. My mandalas are less geometric and more organic than the traditional forms; they are in the process of formation, dissolution, transition and flow.

The series is naturally dividing itself into sub-series or groups.

Mandala broken
Oil on boxed canvas 45 x 45 cm (c.18 x18 inches); 2010
The first group has two larger paintings at the moment.

Mandala broken went through a number of changes and alterations, before finally settling in to its present form somewhere in 2010. It was begun at least two years before that.

Mandala forming over the waters was begun at the same time as a companion piece, but went through a greater number of changes and alterations, before arriving at completion in 2012.

Mandala forming over the waters
Oil on boxed canvas 45 x 45 cm (c. 18 x 18 inches); August 2012
The second group is the Red Mandala group, which has three paintings in it. Each of these began as something else. They began as exercises in using tissue paper for texture, became paintings without form and focus, then became depositories for leftover paint (see my blog post Waste not: frugality in oil painting  2 september 2012, under the Art process tab), before my eye was caught by Mandala forming over the waters, which I was working on at the time. I added the red mandala component, but something else was required. Looking at Danielle Davis art ( I was struck by the her use of metallic paint. That provided the last piece needed for the paintings to come together and reveal themselves.

Oil on boxed canvas, each 30 x 30 cm  (c. 12 x 12 inches); August 2012